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Reflections on Gothia Cup

We depart early tomorrow to come home.  It has been a fun journey for sure, but I think we are all ready to come home and sleep in familiar beds.

I've been jumping around a bit on the blog trying to catch up.  I was glad to get the Bruges blog done - definitely loved my time in Bruges.  I think one highlight I did not mention in that post was spending time at those amazing and spiritual sites with Alyssa.  Last time we traveled to Europe two years ago we did not hit up too many cathedrals, etc.  The kids were just not old enough to really stand much of that.  In fact I recall missing Notre Dame in Paris altogether and we had maybe an hour in the Louvre only because they knew what the Mona Lisa was.

Two years on and Alyssa knew I was excited to see a few cathedral and relics and art.  She at first wasn't seemingly up for it - was going to join her Aunty Rosie and cousin Simone shopping but I think between my puppy dog eyes and her thinking it through, she decided to come with m…

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